Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sugahara Glassware

With over 3000 products, all Sugahara products are hand-made. The glass-artisans all create their own designs, thus, each product is unique. Using the infinite potential that glass has, the master-craftsmen continue to create inspirational products.

Bubble Series

The bubble series freezes time and captures the most beautiful moment of rising bubbles. The bubbles create many different emotions depending on how they were frozen in time. Enjoy this natural beauty.


(S) 85 x 108H mm (260ml)

(L) 66 x 183H (360ml)

Duo Series

The Duo series is the staple product of Sugihara Glassware. With a sleek form, the duo series gives a luxurious feel. The glasses look as though they already have liquid in them, presenting an original touch. Ever since it was released in 1998, this product has always been a huge hit.


14 ounce: 80 x 160H (470ml)

old: 90 x 82H (230ml)

sake bottle: 67 x 160H (280ml)

sake cup: 75 x 43H

Cascade Series

The Cascade series has an interesting design, as though to represent a planetary orbit. This inspiring design has been created by the glass artisan’s passion for glass, and his everlasting creativity. The glass fits easily in one’s hand, allowing anybody to be easily accustomed to the glass.


Tumbler - 80 x 126H (360ml)

10 old - 92 x 93H (320ml)

Available in tan and clear

CMY Plates

We introduce you to the CMY plate. These handmade plates will induce anybody’s appetite with their alluring beauty.


(S) 260 x 130 mm

(L) 260 x 260 mm

Available in orange, pink and blue

Cylindrical Flower Vase

The design of these vases are reminiscent of a chemistry cylinder. You can insert a beautiful flower in this vase or fill it with ornamental rocks to be used as interior decoration. Your imagination is the only limit.


(S) 28 x 230H

(M) 40 x 300H

(L) 58 x 400H

* Pictures to be uploaded soon

Hightide Stationaries: Cleaning Bird

This is a cute cleaning set which comes with a broom and a dust pan. You will surely fall in love with the adorable look of the duck. This cleaning set is not only cute, it is also very practical as well.
The broom shaft is located on the side instead of the center to allow easy cleaning of narrow spaces. Also, the dust pan stands on its own making cleaning easier.
When not in use, the cleaning set is easy to fold up and to pack away. This item will surely make cleaning much more fun.


Broom - W23×H78×3(cm)

Dust Pan - W24×H83×30.5(cm)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kiriaki Wood Products

Kiriaki uses unprocessed, virgin trees, allowing the preservation of the orginal tree's colours, as well as texture. Kiraiaki creates hand-made products which are natural and beautfiul, while blending in effortlessly into the modern world.

"Boneo" Vase

A beautiful flower vase with a plastic, waterproof casing. Use this as part of your interior decoration, it will surely add an original touch.


(S) W223 x D183 x H45 mm

(M) W313 x D205 x H45 mm

(L) W412 x D180 x H45 mm

Acrylic Water Tank

A water tank that makes use of waterproof acrylic. Acrylic is strong and shatter resistant, allowing your fish to always be safe. A water tank with a unique design, this product will surely brighten up your room.

Dimensions: W412 x D180 x H155 mm

Vase Stand

A stand to place your beautiful plant/flower pot. You have the option of having a clock included with it as well. The clock makes the use of acrylic which receives light from all angles, and makes it appear as though the clock face is shimmering.


(with clock) W160 x D165 x H460

(no clock) W160 x D165 x H380

Tapestry Hanger

This item will allow allow you to hang an item of cloth or paper of any length.

Aroma Stand

Light up a scented aroma candle and create a soothing, romantic atmosphere with this item.


(S) W150 x D70 x H35

(L) W250 x D70 x H35

Assorted Flower Vases

Kiriaki creates various assorted flower vases, all crafted out of wood and finished with a water-proof coating. Which style will you choose?

Chuushin Koubou Iron Work Products

Chuushin Koubou aspires to design iron work that integrates the beauty of traditional Japanese casting with modern day functionality. Chuushin Koubou is a design studio devoted to developing universal designs. Observe the alluring beauty of these products made with traditional methods by hand.

Incense Box

The incense box comes in two types, a wooden lid type and a metal lid type.

For the metal lid type, each individual lid has been broken apart by a hammer, allowing each individual lid to be completely original. This method is called the Haochi method, and has traditionally been used to create teapots in Japan. The sense of beauty created by this method is an art originally crafted by the traditional Japanese.

As for the wooden lid type, each lid has been handcrafted and carved by a master-craftsman. The smooth texture of the walnut tree lid and the rough texture of the iron body creates a beautiful harmony.

Dimensions: 35 x 195 x 25 m


With the use of these hand-made warmers, you will never have to worry about your tea going cold ever again. A simple, elegant beauty combined with superb functionality.


(S) 105×110×60mm

(L) 135×140×60mm

Small Dishes
Chuushin Koubou creates assorted small dishes, perfect for serving small portions of desert and tapa dishes.
*pictures to be uploaded soon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Light Plane Kits

Relive your childhood moments by trying out these assorted light plane kits. They are easy to put together (requires no glue), and can fly through the air with the use of an unwinding elastic band and propeller. With the use of wheels, it can land with ease as well. Comes with an instruction manual for assemblage.

Propeller Plane

Dimensions: 317 x 90 x 20 (Length x Width x Thickness in mm)


Dimensions: 375 x 90 x 10 (Length x Width x Thickness in mm)

Medium Light Plane

Dimensions: 460 x 90 x 25 (Length x Width x Thickness in mm)

Large Light Plane

Dimensions: 590 x 120 x 30 (Length x Width x Thickness in mm)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Platinum Fountain Pens: Luxury Fountian Pens


An elegant pen for the mature and sophisticated. With a stylish, thin, body and a metallic marble design, the look of this pen is elegant and alluring. The thin body can easily fit in anybody’s hand, and the pen tip becomes easier to write with increased use, making this pen the perfect everyday use pen. It comes with a converter and ink, allowing an almost bottomlesss supply of ink.

Dimensions: 138.2 x 11.6 (length x max diameter in mm)

Fountain pen available in black, blue, or red ink.

Comes with converter and ink.


This is a high quality pen which integrates platinum within it. With this one pen, it does the work of 4 pens. You can use black ink, red ink, blue ink, or pencil (0.5mm) with this multi-purpose pen. The body has a breathtaking marble design, and the individual pieces have been gold plated.

Dimensions: 142 x 13 (length x max diameter in mm)

All-in-one pen with black ink, red ink, blue ink, and pencil (0.5mm)


This is another multi-purpose pen. Having black ink, red ink, and a pencil (0.5mm), it can serve in any situation. The beautiful design is created from the random dispersal of acrylic pearl fakes as well as coloured flakes. Try out this beautiful, elegant pen with superb functionality.
Dimensions: 132.5 x 12.1 (length x max diameter in mm)

All-in-one pen with black ink, red ink, and pencil (0.5mm)


This multi-purpose pen has the use of blank ink, red ink, and a pencil (0.5mm) all in one pen. The pencil has been crafted from Cordia trees, an extremely hard species of trees that displays a beautiful gloss. A simple yet elegant pen, this item is a true beauty.

Dimensions: 132.5 x 12.1 (length x max diameter in mm)

All-in-one pen with black ink, red ink, and pencil (0.5mm)


This pen has succeeded in wrapping processed cow skin around itself, a process that was known bee difficult. It is a master-piece product, emitting warmth as well as elegance. Besides beauty and elegance, this pen also has superb functionality by having black ink, red ink, and a pencil (0.5mm)

Dimensions: 144 x 14 (length x max diameter in mm)

All-in-one pen with black ink, red ink, and pencil (0.5mm)